Aguacate st # 482 e/ Muralla st & Teniente Rey st Old Havana Cuba


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Outside the Museo Palacio de Gobierno sits a railway carriage, still on rails at the corner of Callejón Churruca.
It originally belonged to the Cuban Railroad Company and beginning in 1902 was used by Cuban presidents on their campaigns and for official visits until it was retired in 1959.
You can do a walk-through visit to admire the inlaid mahogany furniture and specially designed silver and glassware.
With a charming parlor and formal dining room plus stateroom-like accommodation,
Coche Mambí captures the grandeur of the time and place.
Also referred to as Vagon Mambi.
Originally built in the US with noticeable Canadian components in the undercarriage it is one of a very few such luxury trains ever built.

The Hostal Balcones Muralla is just a few blocks away from this beautiful train museum.

Opening hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Tues-Sat; 9:30am-1pm Sun.