Aguacate st # 482 e/ Muralla st & Teniente Rey st Old Havana Cuba

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House Alejandro de Humboldt

In this 19th-century house, the scientist Alejandro de Humboldt installed his instruments and botany and mineral collections while...
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Castle of La Real Fuerza La Habana

The Castillo de la Real Fuerza (English Castle of the Royal Force) is a star fort on the western side of the harbor...
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National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics

Housed within Casa de Francisco Aguilera Basabe, a two-store building built in 1728, this museum exhibits Cuban art...
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Museo de la Orfebreria

Located in an old colonial house where the famous silversmith Gregorio Tabares lived and had his workshop since...
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Numismatic Museum of Cuba

The valued of the collection of this  beautiful and important museum in Cuba is approx 50 million dollars,...
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House of Jose Marti. Writer and Cuban Nationalist Leader José Martí was a thinker and leader born in...
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This townhouse was adapted in 1898 into a pharmacy by Francisco Taquechel. Restored and reopened in 1996, it...
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Built for a warehouse in, 1891 in, neoclassical style. The Office of the Historian decided to exhibit a...
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