Aguacate st # 482 e/ Muralla st & Teniente Rey st Old Havana Cuba


The team

Our team is united with people who care about you, ready to make our professional attention to detail in service our top rule to follow..

Yamiley Richard

General manager.

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Richard Serrano

Sales, marketing,founder.

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Story About US

We come from a hard working family of Cuban society. A family that taught us that unity, courage and respect for others are attributes in life worthy of being lived. We have been educated understanding that the desire for happiness of the other, produces twice the happiness in yourself and that is what we want to apply to our business. We left Cuba and the beautiful Havana in the unforgettable winter of 2001, only to realize that without Cuba our journey would only have a seriously unhappy history.

We really value the opportunities in those countries that changed our lives and our family.
To say thank you to them is not sufficient.
15 years later we are paying back our debt to society, to Cuba, to Havana, to the people, caring and protecting this beautiful building and its legacy and also giving back to others the opportunities of a better life in our own country.
We have found it like this.

We found this fantastic building dating back to 1886 like this and for more than two years we have participated in this beautiful journey, to bring back to life this fantastic property and to transform this project into one of the must successful boutique hotels in Cuba.

Our Restoration

This restoration has not been easy.
We have been working with the local authorities, respecting every inch of the design of the structure, respecting the regulations of the time.
We have protected the beautiful colonial facade with more than 15 balconies and fantastic 3 meters wooden doors.
when you visit the Boutique hotel Hostal Balcones Muralla we want to take you to a trip back in time, with the comforts of modern life. we have worked very hard but the result is there.
We have the appreciation of the neighbours that we have contributed to the beauty of the area.

The secrect

We are not in front of the squares!
We are not in front of the parks!
We are in the heart of Old Havana.
When you come to our hotel, you will see and understand the everyday life of Cubans, we are inviting you to feel the energy of Havana from our balconies.

Local atractions

When you stay at Hostal Balcones Muralla you will be within walking distances of almost everything, no need to take taxis.
Just 4 blocks to the Capitolio, 4 blocks to Old Square, 4 blocks to Obispo Street, and a few blocks to Cathedral square, Cristo square is just around the corner, and lot of bars and restaurants are near to us.